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Why We're Different

Our company truly tries to be nothing like our competition, and these are just a couple of ways we do so. We’re still learning and growing each day.

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Recognizing Individuals

Individuals with special needs, and elderly individuals are two of the most marginalized populations in our country. This fact saddens us, and we set out to be the change; these are now two of our most served populations. Nobody is a burden, because in God’s eyes, each individual is a gift! Every life should be celebrated and lived to the fullest.

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Creating Bonds

We recognize that each individual needs their biological, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of their life met. These dimensions of each person are connected and our team thinks about how each one can be met within a client’s home and community. This is why we do our best to keep you with the same caregivers and manager; we want them to become like family to best learn and serve your unique needs!

helping disabled son bake cookies_edited.jpg
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Male caregiver providing a meal_edited.jpg

Unique Solutions

For example, when a client isn’t able to leave their home, how can we keep their social life thriving? Perhaps by having their caregiver bring new items or activities to learn and engage with; or incorporate important family, friends, and cultural components into their daily life. What if we notice someone seems more reserved and downcast? What can we do to nurture their mental health? Maybe we need to take some time to look through photos and reminisce, or just be silly and have a good laugh together. We understand that these four main components to life are always changing, and our team needs to think on their feet to best serve each individual.

Created Differently

We intentionally set up our business to serve the entire lifespan of an individual, and are prepared to work with children, adults, and elderly individuals. There is a continuum of care through the varying funding sources of our clients, so that avoiding the headache of switching companies because of red tape can ease some stress of the families and guardians we work with. We also supplement many other funded services.

We’re still learning and growing each day. We would be honored to serve you or your loved one!

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