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Karen Van Den Bloomer

Servicing Northeast and Southern Wisconsin 


Karen Van Den Bloomer is a General Manager Christian Servants Home Care.  Based out of the Appleton area, she is serving many counties throughout Wisconsin, with a primary focus in the Southwest region of the state. She has an MBA with emphasis on Global enterprise and has always had a passion for helping people and serving others. Karen has volunteered at local nursing homes since she was a teenager and has been involved and volunteered with Special Olympics on the Games Management Team.  She also has run multiple fundraisers raisers for various nonprofits for her church and Catholic schools. 

Her personal experience of seeing her grandmother being moved from her home was the driving force behind Karen joining Christian Servants, in an effort to help other families from having to go through that same heartache. She strives to find solutions for each person that will help them stay in their home as long as possible. 

Along with elder care, Karen also helps finding support for children and teens with special needs, both for respite care for their families but also to aid in teaching daily living skills. 

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