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Kelli Stewart

Jefferson County

Kelli Stewart

Kelli is General Manager for the Jefferson County area. Kelli has been in the customer service field for all of her adult life. She graduated in Cosmetology, eventually owning and managing her own salon for many years. Kelli decided to take a break from working with other people to devote attention to her family. After a great deal of prayer, she and her husband decided to take on the task of homeschooling their children.


From this big challenge and many experiences she had, she cultivated many characteristics like organization, discipline, dedication, flexibility, attentiveness and a great deal of patience.  Because providing help was a major part of her up-bringing, Kelli is always willing to jump in when something needs to be done or when someone needs help. She impressed this upon her kids and because of the time homeschooling allowed, they had many opportunities helping neighbors and elderly in their church. Eventually this led to her work as a full-time care-giver assisting the elderly and other people in their homes.  


Kelli has been a care provider for more than 10 years. She is compassionate and has an empathic heart for understanding people’s needs. She goes the extra mile in everything she does. Kelli’s motto has always been to treat others how you want to be treated.

Kelli feels blessed to be part of Christian Servants Home Care. As Christians, our life focus on giving should also be reflected in our chosen occupation in which we seek to give to others through our work. She loves building relationships with clients and their families and is passionate about pairing their love ones with likeminded, considerate caregivers.

Outside of work, she mostly enjoys spending time with family and friends. Kelli’s hobbies are drawing, painting and she is passionate about using, learning and teaching others about the benefits of essential oils and natural health.

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