Brittany Blasier

Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota

Brittany is a General Manager in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology at the the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. After obtaining her degree she started working in group homes for adults with disabilities. Within two years she moved up in the organization to manage the care of 30-40 adults in an assisted living complex, helping them set and work towards their goals of living independently.


Brittany has taken a break from social work for a few years, to work in IT.

Although Brittany enjoys her job in IT, she's missed helping those in need, and making meaningful connections in her community. She's excited to be a part of an organization that genuinely cares for their clients, and is looking forward to serving those in her community. She's passionate about matching clients in need with loving, compassionate caregivers.


When Brittany’s not busy working she spends her time with family, friends, and her puppy.